Mellon Fellows (for incoming students)

Funding was awarded to the best students in competition across eight programs or departments: English, History, Literature, Medieval Studies, Sociology, Philosophy, Political Science, and Theology (in the case of Theology, grants will be restricted, in concert with Mellon Foundation policy, to students engaged with religion as humanistic, rather than confessional, inquiry).

Mellon Fellows received a normal graduate stipend plus four years of summer funding at $5,000 each summer. (The Department, via its Graduate School allocation, contributed the normal stipend and the normal amount of summer support, that is, two summers of $4,000; the Mellon grant contributes $12,000.)

Presidential Fellows who were Mellon Fellows received, in addition to their already higher stipends, five summers of additional support at $3,000 per summer (The Department contributed what it normally would to a Presidential Fellow, via its Graduate School allocation; Mellon contributed $12,000; and the Graduate School contributed an additional $3,000.)

Notebaert Fellows, who already received the University’s maximum level of support, were not eligible for the additional funding associated with the Mellon Fellowships.