Departments and Faculty Members

Department links and faculty whose scholarly work focuses on or touches on religion:



William Evans

Daniel Hungerman

Joseph Kaboski



Joseph Buttigieg

Margaret Doody

Steve Fallon

Sandra Gustafson

Thomas N. Hall

Romana Huk

Kathryn Kerby-Fulton

Jesse Lander

Susannah Monta


German and Russian Languages and Literatures

Vittorio Hösle

Mark Roche



Scott Appleby

Olivia Constable

Lauren Faulkner

Felipe Fernandez-Armesto

Brad Gregory

Tom Kselman

Sabine MacCormack

John McGreevy

Margaret Meserve

Thomas Noble

Mark Noll

Robert Sullivan

Deborah Tor

James Turner

John Van Engen


Literature Ph.D. Program

Faculty teaching in the graduate program in literature come from departments across the College.


Medieval Institute

Faculty teaching medieval studies come from departments across the College.



Alexander Blachly

Mary Frandsen

Peter Jeffery


Peace Studies

Most faculty teaching in Peace Studies come from departments across the College.



Richard Cross

Stephen Dumont

Thomas Flint

Curtis Franks

Alfred Freddoso

Stephen Gersh

Samuel Newlands

John O’Callaghan

Alvin Plantinga

Michael Rea

Peter VanInwagen

Ted Warfield

Paul Weithman


Political Science

David Campbell

Michael Desch

Fr. Robert Dowd, CSC

Andrew Gould

Mary Keys

Geoffrey Layman

Scott Mainwaring

Vincent Phillip Munoz

Daniel Philpott

Sebastian Rosato

Timothy Scully

Emad Shahin

Ernesto Verdeja

Michael Zuckert


Program of Liberal Studies

The Program in Liberal Studies is Notre Dame's interdisciplinary great books program for undergraduates. Its faculty, however, teach in departmental graduate programs.

Francesca Bordogna

Krista Duttenhaver

Kent Emery, Jr.

Stephen Fallon

Bernd Goehring

Kevin Mongrain

Pierpaolo Polzonetti

Clark Power

Gretchen Reydams-Schils

Henry Weinfield


Romance Languages and Literatures

Thomas Anderson

Zygmunt G. Baranski

Maureen Boulton

Theodore Cachey

Christian Moevs

Vittorio Montemaggi



Kraig Beyerlein

Kevin Christiano

Mary Ellen Konieczny

Atalia Omer

David Sikkink

Christian Smith

Jason Springs

Michael Welch



The entire department of more than fifty faculty members works on religious subjects, some with a broadly humanistic approach to the study of religion.


All of these departments are housed in the College of Arts and Letters, the largest and oldest college at the University of Notre Dame.